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E-commerce sportswear

This innovative, environmentally conscious sportswear company wanted their sustainable ecommerce packaging to reflect their values but couldn’t find a key component: a paper made from stone.

Further, Blue Elvin wanted their sportswear to arrive in a reusable Tyvek pouch, but were unable to find any at the price point they needed.

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Stone paper doesn’t use any water or chemicals in production and is infinitely recyclable. Tyvek is waterproof, durable and resistant to bacteria penetration. Both materials were incredibly difficult to source for an ambitious start-up.

Image taken by Matt Ben Stone

Over the course of six months, we worked with Blue Elvin to find a supplier, create and sign-off on samples, negotiate lower MOQs, initiate production and deliver their first batch of stone paper mailbags and Tyvek pouches, all in time for their product launch.

Blue Elvin now have the perfect innovative and environmentally friendly packaging to partner with their groundbreaking sportswear.



Blue Elvin spent 4 months looking for Tyvek pouches before meeting Sourceful. None were the quality they wanted until Sourceful came along.


Cost savings

Sourceful were able to help Blue Elvin make a 33% cost saving on their stone mailer compared to the previous supplier.

“Working with Sourceful made the process so easy.  They were able to source everything we wanted, with no compromises, and at a great cost…

We've been recommending them to anyone we know looking for a packaging supplier!"

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