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Prior to working with Sourceful, Floom used a one-size-fits-all large box for their bouquets as they didn't meet the MOQ’s with manufacturers for two different sizes.

Their sustainable ecommerce packaging also needed a thick polypropylene tape to hold the box together due to structural weaknesses, so we looked for ways to help there too.

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We worked closely with Floom to redesign their single large box into two bespoke boxes: this reduced the overall materials used, translating into lower costs and savings on ink, logistics, storage and final mile delivery.

We also introduced better box technology through a self-adhesive strip and box zip instead of tape, making life easier for the florists and even simpler for their customers.

Floom was delighted with the results and we have since sourced numerous products for them, ranging from customised stationery to bespoke merchandise.


Cost Reduction

By leveraging our direct-to-manufacturer relationships, Floom benefited from a lower MOQ as well as a reduction in overall costs by around 15%.


Material Reduction

We have ways of maximising your product and minimising your carbon footprint. With intelligent design & smart planning we can help you save materials, money and maybe even the planet too!

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