Coffee shop chain

This rapidly expanding chain of cafes needed to find a way to streamline their stock purchasing process across multiple sites.

While working together on their compostable food packaging for their food and beverage offering we also created an intelligent solution for their storage needs too.

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We sourced multiple compostable packaging products from cutlery to custom-printed takeaway cups, all with a focus on sustainability to match the ethos of the brand. Importantly, to meet the MOQs, Foundation used our warehousing solution to store these items allowing them to draw down their products using our online Auto-Stock system that is directly linked to the inventory amount.

The Auto-Stock system was further customised to suit Foundation’s multi-site needs to help their ordering process: previously, each site was ordering their own stock separately but now they can track their requirements on a site-level and company-level basis.

Foundation Coffee House now have their F&B products sourced sustainably and stored remotely so they never need to worry about space for storage.



Foundation estimate they’ve comfortably made savings of around 15% across the board on sustainable items sourced.



Sourceful were able to help Foundation achieve their sustainability goal of ensuring all of their take-out consumables were fully compostable.

“Sourceful were fantastic to work with, they thoroughly sampled everything to a very high standard and we have managed to ensure that everything is now fully compostable.  

They have also managed to source everything at a better price point than what we paid previously for non-compostable options.”

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