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The visionary founder of this vegan pizza chain needed to quickly pivot his business model from an eat-in restaurant to selling premium make-at-home pizza kits during Covid-19. 
Sharing his passion for sustainability, we sourced Doughnations’ reusable and fully compostable packaging set.

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We provided a full end-to-end service for Doughnations, starting with packaging design through to sourcing, production and logistics. Working with a tight budget, we focussed on making sure that the materials used in the packaging set were both reusable and compostable, rather than spending the budget on design flourishes.

Within three months,  Doughnations had over 2,000 full packaging sets for their vegan make-at-home pizzas – an incredibly short lead time from concept to delivery.

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3 months was all it took from design concept to final product delivery


& Reusable

We were able to ensure all products hit Doughnations sustainability goals

“I couldn’t have done it without you guys, everything was just done for me. To be able to go to one source for all my packaging needs was just great”

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