Custom curtains & blinds

The team at Stitched faced a surge in demand and were struggling to get custom packaging sent quickly and efficiently to their decentralised supply chain of local workshops and independent curtain makers around the country..

These makers create beautiful curtains and blinds in their own workshops, but routed all their individual sustainable packaging requirements to the founding team who would then bulk-order cardboard boxes, tubing and tape in order to break them down into individual packaging orders for the workshops

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We worked together with Stitched to discover auto-replenishment was the answer to Stitched's operational burden, then we set about creating a bespoke automatic solution with zero manual involvement.

Instead of being overwhelmed with manual stock requests, breaking down bulk and shipping headaches, the Stitched team saved time, money and storage space through working with us. They are so pleased with our service that we are now running their sample pack inventory management system too.

By connecting their data stack into ours, we would be notified when a workshop was running low on stock and automatically dispatch a ‘refill' from our warehouse right on time.


Days saved

Stitched calculated that around 3-4 days per month have been saved by integrating their data into Sourceful technology and ensuring their product packaging logisitcs runs smoothly.


Client identifying data

We’re only interested in how your customer orders affect your inventory, not who your underlying customers are.

“Sourceful have helped us with a really efficient and scalable solution... This has ensured we are able to keep orders flowing without fear of running out of packaging supplies.”  

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